ICHD tobacco control resource site – the first site that provides comprehensive information on  tobacco control in Armenian language. The site was developed by International Center for Human Development with support of Open Society Institute.

World Health Organisation
WHO Tobacco Free Initiative – authoritative international data, information and policy proposals. WHO’s Global Status Reports provide country profiles including a vast collection of data on smoking around the world.

The International Tobacco Control Community, managed by the International Union Against Cancer. Provides information and communication for all those active in smoking prevention. To access this site you need to be a member and have a password.

Framework Convention Alliance
Over 200 organisations from more than 80 countries are involved in this alliance, which aims to make the worldwide tobacco treaty (FCTC) effective. This is their redesigned and much improved website. 

World Bank Website

Tobacco Control in the European Union
A major recent reports on tobacco control in the European Union

Journal on Tobacco Control
An academic journal dedicated to tobacco control

BAT documents online

Tobacco control at a glance 
Good World Bank international page with info and links on why reducing prevalence is a priority, the FCTC, cost-effective interventions, research and resources.

Curbing the Epidemic 
Authoritative World Bank report on tobacco impacts worldwide and constructive measures to fight it. See also the backing documents in Tobacco Control in Developing Countries, below.

Tobacco Control in Developing Countries  
From the World Bank – debunking some major myths, good talking points for legislators.

Smuggling monographs
From US-based Tobacco-free Kids. See also Luk Joossens chapter from Model Legislation for use with legislators – at http://www.fctc.org/modelguide/lsection26.html 

ASH UK is a very comprehensive tobacco control site and covers UK and Europe with a big focus on the tobacco industry documents.

ASH in the USA is a legal action anti smoking group updated daily with news, documents and resources.

Corporate Accountability International
Formerly Infact, new updated site with great tobacco action section. 

Get Outraged

Tobacco BBS (USA)
The biggest anti-tobacco site in the world constantly updated with thousands of links and resources.

Tobacco Control Resource Centre (USA)
Legal and policy orientated site with commentary and insight into the US litigation and settlements. Also home of the tobacco Products Liability Project.