Who we are

Coalition for Tobacco Free Armenia (CTFA) is a voluntary union of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) committed to the promotion of non-smoking lifestyle in Armenia.


Improve health of public through reduction of smoking-attributable morbidity, disability and mortality and promotion of healthy non-smoking lifestyle in Armenia.


  • Unite public organizations promoting non-smoking lifestyle
  • Improve public access to information on health, social, and economic aspects of tobacco issue
  • Support tobacco control policy and related research
  • Stimulate public debate and other measures not prohibited by law
  • Support ratification of the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control by Armenia
  • Protect rights of passive smokers (children and non-smokers) in Armenia
  • Promote public monitoring of tobacco control measures
  • Disclose tobacco industry methods that falsely create positive images of smoking to promote tobacco products
  • Collaborate with international tobacco control organizations and organizations promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Prevent attempts to stigmatize smokers, taking into consideration that nicotine addiction is classified as a treatable condition and that social support along with professional assistance are critical for successful quitting.

Background information

Fifteen non-governmental organizations signed the Memorandum of Understanding on June 11, 2004.

The establishment of the Coalition for Tobacco Free Armenia was facilitated by the Armenian Public Health Alliance, a consortium of three organizations (Armenian Public Health Association, Armenian Public Health Union and the American University of Armenia).

Since 2004, the Coalition for Tobacco Free Armenia is a member of Framework Convention Alliance

Currently, the Coalition for Tobacco Free Armenia has 30 member organizations.

Member Organizations  of Coalition for Tobacco Free Armenia

Founding members Members
  • Analysis, Research and Planning for Armenia (ARPA) NGO
  • Armenian Cardiologists Association
  • Armenian International Women’s Association
  • Armtown.com
  • Community Development and Social Support Center
  • Family Medicine Academic Union
  • Greatmed NGO
  • Health and Welfare, Meghri (Syunik region)
  • Healthy Generation of Mountaineers
  • Kanachastan NGO
  • Meghvik NGO
  • Open Medical Club
  • People for Healthy Lifestyle
  • Syunik’s Women, Goris (Syunik region)
  • Verelk NGO
  • Vstahutyan Drner, Hrazdan (Kotayk region)
  • Woman’s Health Protection Association
  • Young Generation NGO

Coordinating Board

The Coalition Coordinating Board is represented by eight member organizations. It coordinates the Coalition activities and is elected for a two-year period at the Coalition General Meeting.


The Charter was revised in 2011.
Charter (Arm)

Who can become a member

Any non-governmental organization that shares our vision and has no relationships with tobacco industry.
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