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November 21, 2007. “Healthy Generation of Mountaineers” NGO: a success story.

Through an effective advocacy campaign, the team at the Healthy Generation of Mountaineers NGO, a grantee of Counterpart’s partner the Goris Teachers Union, successfully obtained agreement by the mayors, avaganis (town councils) and heads of public buildings in Goris and Sisian to finally implement the existing tobacco law.  Special monitoring committees were created, comprising of representatives of the local governments, the NGO’s, and the local healthcare, educational and cultural sectors. As a consequence of the establishment of this local infrastructure, the provincial governor’s office issued a written statement declaring the local authorities responsible for the monitoring of the tobacco law.

October 11, 2007. Letter to the RA Prime Minister.

The CTFA letter to the RA Prime Minister was a dedication to 3rd anniversary of ratification of Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in Armenia. The CTFA members expressed their concerns about the enforcement of the RA Law On the Restrictions of Sale, Consumption, and Use of Tobacco.
In spite of progress in tobacco control legislative field and state financial support for tobacco control activities, there are still major gaps in tobacco control policy in Armenia. In particular, the legislation enforcement bodies and mechanisms are not established.
Press-release on CTFA Letter to RA Prime Minister. [Arm]

July 11, 2007. Meeting with ADRA

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA) organized a round table meeting with participation of the CTFA member organizations. During this meeting, the participants presented their activities in tobacco control. They also discussed future plans and made suggestions, including writing another letter to the Prime Minister and creating a database of NGOs involved in tobacco control.

June 28, 2007. “Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence” Guide for Armenian Health Professionals.

The Armenian translation of the “Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence” quick reference guide of the US Public Health Services was launched at the workshop “Health Professionals for Tobacco Free Armenia”.  The guide was translated and published in the framework of the tobacco control policy project supported by the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation-Armenia and implemented by the American University of Armenia in partnership with the Armenian Public Health Union and the Armenian Public Health Association.
“Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence” guide. [Arm]

June 28, 2007. Workshop “Health Professionals for Tobacco Free Armenia”

The workshop “Health Professionals for Tobacco Free Armenia” was organized by the Armenian Public Health Alliance (a consortium between the American University of Armenia, the Armenian Public Health Union and the Armenian Public Health Association) with support from the Open Society Institute and in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. The workshop was presented at the Second International Medical Congress of Armenia.
This event brought together more than 100 physicians, nurses and other health professionals from Armenia and abroad, including from the Diaspora.  It called on health professionals to take on a greater role and responsibility to help smokers quit and to fight  the tobacco epidemic in Armenia. During the discussion, Dr. Haroutune Armenian, Professor of Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and President of the American University of Armenia, Dr. Gregory Connolly from the Harvard School of Public and representatives of the leading medical and nursing institutions in Armenia emphasized a critical lack of literature on contemporary treatments for tobacco dependence.  The workshop  was a major breakthrough in the strengthening of the role of health professionals in curbing the epidemic of smoking in Armenia.

June 7, 2007. CTFA Press Release

The Coalition for Tobacco Free Armenia on behalf of its 28 member-organizations sent a message to newly elected members of the National Assembly on the occasion of the first session.  Press Release. [Arm] [Eng]

May 31, 2007.  World No Tobacco Day 2007 Events

Coalition member organizations put together the following projects and events for May 31 this year.

  • CTFA member Healthy Generation of Mountaineers in collaboration with Generation organized a project in the cities of Goris, Kapan and Sisian on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day 2007.  The project began with a social advertisement, broadcasted by the local television channel Last, urging local residents to participate in events organized on World No Tobacco Day.  On that day, two motorcades were organized in Goris and Sisian.  Four cars, decorated with anti-tobacco slogans and posters, went round the populous parts of both cities, accompanied by traffic police and university students, who handed out fliers with information about the harmful effects of smoking as well as the Republic of Armenia law on tobacco realization, consumption and usage limitations.  Posters with this information were put up around the three cities as well.  The motorcades were greeted with amusement and curiosity, while the university students managed to deliver the messages with great success, eliciting positive responses from the residents.  Last provided television coverage of the event, which was broadcast in the evening news section, once again reminding residents of the idea behind declaring May 31 World No Tobacco Day.


  • Meghvik organized a march in Gyumri with the participation of educational institutions with the objectives of raising public awareness, mobilizing the community and influencing decision makers.  The participants in the march had T-shirts, badges, signs, flags and posters advertising their cause.  Around 300 people (aged from 7 to 50 years) took part in the event, representing schools and universities in Gyumri.  The reach exceeded expectations when the Mayor and his staff received the participants in the city square.

March 2, 2007. CTFA Second National Meeting

The American University of Armenia (AUA) hosted the CTFA Second National Meeting.  The Meeting was dedicated to the second year of the ratification of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and the adoption of the law of the Republic of Armenia on tobacco realization, consumption and usage limitations.
The first session was opened by Dr. Haroutune Armenian, President of the American University of Armenia and Dr. Artavazd Vanyan, Chief of the State Sanitation and Epidemiological Department.
The National Meeting included the following activities –

  • Workshop on Tobacco Control Policy – The workshop aimed at presenting the country report on FCTC and discussing the national tobacco control strategy, including the role of civil society in its development and implementation.  A panel discussion was held wherein Suren Krmoyan, Legal Adviser to the Minister of Health, Alexander Bazarchyan, Tobacco Control Program Coordinator at the Ministry of Health and Elinar Vardanyan, Executive Director of the Center for Public Dialogue and Development discussed the achievements and shortcomings in the national tobacco control policy in Armenia. Final report on the workshop on Tobacco Control Policy is available here.

The panel session was followed by group discussions focusing on two aspects of the national tobacco control strategy – policy (including policy enforcement) and monitoring/evaluation. [ Final report ]

  • NGO exhibition – An exhibition was hosted in the lobby of the AUA building throughout the day, demonstrating the achievements of the anti-tobacco movement in Armenia.  More than 20 NGOs presented fliers, posters, educational material, pictures and other publicity material advertising a healthy lifestyle.
  • Book presentation – On the initiative of the Armenian Public Health Alliance (ArmPHA), a compilation of anti-tobacco projects implemented in Armenia in the period 2004-2006 was published with the title Collection of Tobacco Control Projects in Armenia, 2004-2006.  The publication featured information about 30 anti-tobacco projects implemented by 23 NGOs in Armenia within the given time period.  The book, which was the first of its kind in introducing the extensive work done by NGOs in this area, was officially launched during the National Meeting.